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Sugar Art

Cake decoration has metamorphosed into confectionery high art and the possibilities in this avenue are endless. Literally speaking, sugar art is the practice of creating confectionery sculptures that are both decorative and edible. And given that the world now gives equal emphasis to the taste as well as to the appearance of a cake, the demand for our sugar art courses have only seen an incline!

Our next course is Basic Cake Decoration

Sugar Art courses at Lavonne cover a wide range of techniques and approaches, book your seat at this upcoming class to start learning right away, or contact us about any of the classes below.

25-29 March | ₹ 20,000

Decoration classes for all interests and skill levels

Our courses are designed to cater to various skill levels, whether you’re a home baker looking to enhance your products, or a professional pastry artist adding the latest decoration techniques to your repertoire. Just like the food industry itself, trends in the cake industry continue to change and develop at a fast pace, and we keep our classes updated to these international standards.

Basic Cake Decoration

25th - 29th March, then 29th April - 3rd May | 5-day class | ₹ 20,000

If you’re intrigued by the nuances of working with buttercream and want to give a shot at working with fondant to create a masterpiece that’s Instagram worthy, you’ve enough reason to sign up for this class in which a demo of a vanilla cake sponge and Italian meringue buttercream will be provided. You will learn to torte, layer, crumb-coat a full cake, and cover a full cake with fondant. Here’s also where your creativity and craftsmanship is put to use as you make basic animal and human figurines. You will additionally be taught the basic technique of creating a customised cake.

Advanced Modern Wedding Cakes

6th - 10th May | 5-day class | ₹ 29,500

From watercolour and ombre to drip cakes and ones with metallic detailing, this course delves into the modern trends in wedding cake decoration. Be it learning techniques on the latest designs, feasible techniques for commercial purposes, or simply perfecting the Herculean task of creating a 3 tier wedding cake, this course is easily among our most popular ones!

Ricepaste Flowers

3rd - 4th April | 2-day class | ₹ 20,000

A brand new Sugart Art class covering Full bloom English Rose with buds, David Austin Rose, & Oriental Peony, along with foliage for each. Learn to make ricepaste using locally-sourced ingredients (including a gelatin free recipe), get thin and translucent petals, dust colour for realistic petals, and manage humidity levels. Tools are provided, and basic gumpaste knowledge is helpful.

Sugarcraft Flowers

14th - 16th May | 3-day class | ₹ 22,500

There’s nothing as pretty as having flowers adorn your cake, no matter the type – naked, buttercream, or covered with fondant. In this class, we will ensure you learn to create edible floral beauties that range from peonies, magnolias, and orchids to roses and hibiscuses.

Figurine Modelling

1-day class | ₹ 11,500

Ever ogled at how realistic edible figurines can appear? If you’d like to perfect the art and science of crafting realistic figurines to adorn your cakes, this class is for you as here’s where you would be taught to create two types of animal / cartoon characters, a seated human figurine, and other figurines that are commercially feasible to create.

Royal Icing Cookies

12th March | 1-day class | ₹ 9,500

They’re pretty, go well with any party menu, and make for excellent giveaways at weddings. And sugar cookies can be customised too. In this class, you will be given a demo of a vanilla cookie recipe, apart from being taught how to achieve the right consistency of royal icing, techniques to achieve the perfect finishing for sugar cookies, ultimately learning to make designs that are commercially feasible.

Cupcake Baking and Buttercream Decoration

13th May | 1-day class | ₹ 3,500

Perfect the art of making cupcakes with this delightful course that also deals with the nuances of making and working with different varieties of buttercream. You will learn three types of cupcake sponge recipes, how to make smooth buttercream frosting, and of course dabble with different and interesting ways of decorating these bite-sized bits of heaven with luscious buttercream frosting.