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Gelato, Sorbet & Frozen Dessert Program

A specialised course on frozen treats!

Lavonne’s Professional Program in Gelato, Sorbet and Frozen Desserts will teach students everything there is to know about the divine world of frozen treats.

The course deep dives into a wide range of subjects from technical topics like quality sourcing to more creative pursuits like recipe innovation.

Principles of Gelato, Sorbet & Frozen Desserts

In this introductory module, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the foundational principles in the world of gelato, frozen desserts, and sorbet, which are essential to a better understanding of the modules to follow.

Art of Gelato Making

Deliciousness personified! Students will be introduced to gelato making using a base recipe. They will learn the step-by-step process of making gelato, the detailed composition of gelato and ingredient interaction will be covered in detail as well.

Advanced Gelato Making

Going deeper into gelato production, the preparation of gelato with a low Glycemic Index in an important part of this module. Students will also learn about sensory analysis, international flavours and the use of local ingredients in gelato production. Additionally, the course will cover the calculation of calorie content in gelato.

Sorbet and Frozen Dessert Recipe Formulation

Students will learn the fundamentals of recipe calculation and recipe development in this part of the program. It includes an introduction to the formulation and percentage calculation for base recipes, which go a long way in the production of these favourites.

Sorbet & Frozen Dessert Making

An introduction to sorbet making as well as the creation of frozen desserts using base recipes is the core of this module. Students will learn the production techniques for both sorbet and frozen desserts, which are standard and globally followed.

Advanced Sorbet and Frozen Desserts

Again, an important take on this delicious frozen dessert. Students will explore the world of low GI sorbet. They will also learn about sensory analysis, the use of international flavours, and the incorporation of local ingredients into sorbet production.

Equipment Identification

An introduction to various equipment and machinery used in the field are critical to mastering the world of frozen desserts. Students will learn how to effectively operate each piece of equipment, correctly and safely. The machinery includes pasteurisers, batch freezers, blast freezers, small-scale equipment and showcases.

Ingredient Identification

Students will gain a thorough understanding of ingredients used in gelato production, including milk, sugar, cream, dextrose, skim milk powder, base, emulsifiers and flavours. They will learn about the composition of these ingredients, their respective percentages in a recipe and how each ingredient plays a crucial role in influencing the final outcome.

Storage & Shelf Life

A deep dive into the storage and shelf-life of gelato, sorbet and frozen desserts are the main components of this module. The course will also cover the key concepts of acceptance, detection and safety in sorbet and frozen dessert production.

Yogurt Recipe Formulation

Learn the principles of recipe calculation and development, including the basics of formulating a base recipe and understanding ingredient percentages in this module on yogurt recipe formulation.

Art of Frozen Yogurt (Basic & Advanced)

Explore the production of frozen yogurt through a base recipe and with variations in sugar content. Students will learn about creating frozen yogurt with a plant-based approach and producing low GI frozen yogurt. Additionally, the course covers sensory analysis and the use of international and local ingredients for flavour enhancement.