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Lavonne Pastry Studio

At Lavonne, we strive to make world-class education in bakery and pastry arts a norm in India.

To realise this mission, we partner with pastry masters from across the world to bring their expertise to Lavonne as exclusive, in-depth hands-on and demo classes. Each event breaks new ground in creating new opportunities and elevating India’s position as an esteemed pastry destination.

The best in the world of pastry

International masters, right here in India

We’re proud to have hosted the biggest names in the pastry industry and continue being the preferred facility in India for top chefs from across the world to conduct their masterclasses in the country. Names like Antonio Bachour, Frank Haasnoot and Nina Tarasova continue to partner with Lavonne to bring their individual styles and techniques to the exploding pastry market here in India.

Courses at Lavonne are aimed at students across various levels of skill, but the masterclasses truly push boundaries by bringing beginner students, experienced bakers, and even experienced pastry teams from top hotels under the same roof to expand their knowledge in specific ways.

Fully-Equipped Studio Kitchen

State of the art equipment in a beautiful, inspiring space

The ultra-modern 80 seater auditorium doubles up as a Demo kitchen during masterclasses.

With the top names in the industry visiting the facility, we wanted to create a gorgeous space that could cater to the highest standards of pastry and bakery. Equipped with the best kitchen equipment, a massive demonstration workspace, bright diffused lighting, and state-of-the-art projectors to closely follow every instruction.