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Guest Chefs

Lavonne is proud to be the preferred facility in India for the biggest names in the world of pastry. Veterans like Antonio Bachour, Frank Haasnoot and Nina Tarasova continue to partner with Lavonne to bring their individual styles and techniques to the exploding pastry market in the country; and as the industry grows we continue to open up newer possibilities for the highest level of pastry education ever possible.

Antonio Bachour

Renown pastry chef and author, Antonio Bachour owned and operated Bachour Bakery+ Bistro in Miami before moving on to focus on a new concept called Bachour. He is best known for his innovative and unparalleled entremets.


Nina Tarasova

Russian pastry queen Nina Tarasova specialises in perfect glazes and using local ingredients to create incredible confections.


Carles Mampel

Having worked at some of the most celebrated pastry kitchens in Catalonia, Barcelona, France, Belgium, and Holland, Spanish pastry-chef, Carles Mampel Juncosa has received numerous international awards, and collaborated on several bestselling books.


Frank Haasnoot

After winning World Chocolate Masters in Paris and working for esteemed hotels across the world, the massively experienced Dutch pastry expert travels across the world teaching his unique approach to pastry and decoration.


Andres Lara

Chef Andres Lara is best known for his intensive masterclasses on modern pastries. After having worked at a number of Michelin starred restaurants, he set up his own pastry consulting company, #NoFilterSweets, based out of Hong Kong.


Andrea Dopico Cafarelli

Chef Andrea Dopico Cafarelli is a tremendously talented Venezuelan Chef with Spanish roots. With numerous accomplishments and having lead some of the top Michelin Starred restaurants, Forbes recently included her in the list of the 30 most influential under 30s in Europe. She makes the most of her international experience with flavours of her latin roots.


Kong Yik Hong

Lavonne is honoured that the late Kong Yik Hong was one of the first international guests at our facility, and shared his exceptional vision for chocolate and sugar sculptures with our students and team.


Kaysie Lackey

Kaysie Lackey is a renowned cake decoration artist & instructor based in Seattle. Owner of The People’s Cake, her unique style and vivacious personality have won her international fame and recognition. Utilizing her background in fine arts, she combines art and fashion to create original and over-the-top designs for clients and competitions across the world.


Mito Sweets

The young Nguyễn Vũ Hoàng Anh from Vietnam is one of the world's leading bean-paste art experts, creating a massive range of realistic flower decorations in gorgeous arrangements.


Peter Gyorgyicsek

A master pastry chef and competition coach from Hungary, Peter specialises in the delicate and exciting art of sugar sculpture.


Karim Bourgi

Karim Bourgi, a Senegal-born pastry artist of Lebanese descent, brings a global perspective to his culinary journey unlike any other! Chef Bourgi's culinary journey has taken him to some of the world's finest establishments and won him the most prestigious awards in the industry. Chef Bourgi is not just a renowned pastry chef; he's also an esteemed consultant and educator.


Hans Ovando

Chef Hans Ovando, a multi-award winner with accolades such as the Best Spanish Chocolatier Trophy Lluís Santapau and the Spanish Chocolate Master (2013). He leads Bee Chef Pastry School, offering top-notch pastry classes, and has won the Maya Pastry Cup in 2018. His dedication to culinary excellence and his commitment to passing on his expertise make him a sought-after advisor worldwide.


Richard Hawke

Chef Richard Hawke’s quest for excellence led him from Australia to France, where he honed his skills alongside renowned chefs like Jérôme Languillier. Richard later became a teacher at l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie (ENSP), specialising in teaching international students. His expertise expanded to gluten-free baking in Morocco and today he continues to innovate in his laboratory, sharing his knowledge through pastry masterclasses, leaving an indelible mark on the culinary world.


Oliver Fernandes

Chef Oliver Fernandes, a skilled pastry chef, has made a significant impact in the world of chocolate and helped Barcelona gain global recognition for the same. He unveiled, MXBCN, a meticulously designed space totally dedicated to bean-to-bar chocolate for the renowned Chocolate Barcelona Museum and a first of its kind!


Toni Rodríguez

Chef Toni Rodríguez is a pioneering figure in vegan pastry. His journey began at age 17 and he went on to start the Toni Rodríguez Academy, marking the culmination of 14 years of dedication. His academy has attracted international interest, and his book on vegan pastry is achieving global success.