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International Students

Up to 5% of the student population at Lavonne comprises NRI’s and/or foreign nationals. We have had students from Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand, Germany, France, United States, Caribbean Islands, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Australia, and some parts of Europe take up our Diploma program.

At Lavonne, we strive to make the transition process for all students as smooth as possible. Assistance to international students is providing by means of the following:

  • Required documentation for visa process.
  • NOC for any bank procedures.  
  • Helping with finding accommodation around campus.
  • Pre-bonafied certificate if required.
  • Internship and job placement within the country depending on their visa eligibility.
  • Assistance with international internships and placements if requested for.
  • Cross-cultural training /familiarisation if required.