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Six Weeks Program

A fast-paced professional pastry course

Lavonne’s Six Week Certification Course is focussed on students acquiring a wide spectrum of pastry concepts and practical knowledge in the short span of just a few weeks. The course touches on a lot of the subjects from our 6-month Diplome de Patisserie course, but modified for the quicker timeline, resulting in an intense course packed full of baking and pastry knowledge.

Lavonne prides itself on balancing practical hands-on training, with in-depth theory, so students understand why, rather than just how.

Business, Budgeting & Costing

Students are familiarized with the concepts and principles of kitchen maintenance, budgeting, and food costing, and the foundational knowledge to keep in mind as students go on to become entrepreneurs.

Basic & Lean Breads

Learn about all the basic ingredients that help in bread-making, including a detailed understanding of flour and how it works, yeast and its reaction with the environment, understanding pre-ferments and how to handle high-hydration doughs. The module also covers shaping bread from different origins, flat bread, loaves, understanding ovens and the science behind proofing a bread.

Teacakes, Cookies & Muffins

This vast module has a variety of products to learn from, including various kinds of tea cakes, cookies, muffins and cupcakes. We’ll cover a detailed study on cake-making methods, cookie shape varieties, and muffin and cupcake textural differences. Understand how basic ingredients such as eggs, butter, sugar, and flour, work differently in each recipe to yield a completely different result. Students also learn how to finish their products with a variety of interesting techniques.

Custard & Cheesecake

From baked custards such as crème caramel, crème brûlée, pot de crème, and baked yogurt to the most delicious set of cheesecakes and Chocolate Lava Cake. We’ll cover theory on types of custards, the role of different ingredients in making custards, techniques of making & baking different custards perfectly, and learn how to garnish them in both classical and modern ways.

Enriched Bread

Bread is a classic comfort food, especially when it's loaded with fats and flavours and baked to perfection. In this module students learn how to work with highly enriched doughs such as brioche, donuts, berliners, koeksisters, babka, and more. Learn the techniques of making, shaping, proofing, baking/frying and garnishing these breads, as well as the traditional accompaniments to go with them, such as classic stirred custard, fillings, pastry creams and jams.

Meringues & Macarons

These classics never go out of style. A detailed introduction to meringues and macarons, covering French & Italian methods, and some meringue-based desserts. These same techniques are used in making perfect French and Italian macaron shells, with different flavour pairings and fillings that can be used inside each macaron.

Quiches & Tarts

Cover the basics of short crust pastry, understand how butter shortens gluten to give us a crusty and buttery pie base, and how to make a sheet and then line tarts and quiches in different ways. Learn a variety of tasty savoury fillings, including the ever-classic quiche Lorraine.

Puff, Croissant & Danish

A module dedicated to three technical, yet fun pastry styles – and a range of products in each style. Learn hands-on lamination technique with dough-making and butter slab, and the variations in shaping and baking puff pastry, croissants and danish-style viennoiseries, including pain au chocolat, almond croissant, & cinnamon roll. Detailed theory covers the differences between puff and croissant dough, understanding the folds of a croissant, and how correct proofing and lamination helps to achieve that perfect honey-comb structure.

Choux Pastry

This class covers choux pastry and the different desserts made from it, such as profiterole, eclair, paris brest. We’ll also learn how to make an essential French pastry cream and its derivatives, such as a mousseline or diplomat, and how a simple profiterole or eclair can be presented in various ways and with various flavour pairings.

Plated Desserts

A module focused around restaurant style plated desserts, with a range of gastronomy and finishing techniques that make every plate feel special. Gain an understanding on the traditional & modern approaches to plated desserts, including classic recipes such as poached pears, and Crepe Suzette. Along with instructor demonstrations, students are encouraged to create and practice their own plating ideas.

International Breads

Learn a vast variety of international breads, with various dips, sauces and fillings. This class is all about technique and fun, from hand rolled pizzas and crusty bagels, to focaccia & pretzels.

Cakes & Icings

An essential module for any aspiring baker, our students learn about the different types of sponges and the role each ingredient plays in baking, get exposed to a host of tried-and-tested recipes, and discover the art of various icings to finish your cake – buttercream, ganache, chantilly cream, glaze, and more. We’ll also cover techniques like getting a sharp edge finish on a cake, properly serving a finished cake, and understanding everything involved in the bulk/mass production of cake.

Bonbons, Chocolates & Confectionery

All things chocolate and sugar, this module calls for a balance of scientific learning and artistic skills. We’ll cover a deep introduction to chocolate, theory around bean-to-bar, explanation of chocolate making & tempering, making perfectly shiny bonbons & delicious fillings, technique of enrobing truffles and more. While working with sugar, our students get an understanding of confectionery techniques & a wide range of products from marshmallows, to pate fruit, nougat, truffles, dragées, etc.

Wedding Cakes & Fondant Design

The foundations of custom cake-making in a single module, from layering procedures, to creating intricate structures, hand painting, fondant flowers, inventing fun themes and understanding colour schemes – all while incorporating the latest trends in the world of wedding cake designs. This class teaches students to have an eye for detail, and develop the hand skills required to pull off the most intricate beautiful cake designs.

Sweet Tarts

Tarts are a staple of both classic and modern shop displays. We’ll cover an introduction to the world of sweet tarts, how to line rings & shells, covering 15 different variations & looks, some classic traditional tarts and some modern ones with a twist.

Chocolate Garnishes

Gain confidence in making creative garnishes that can help amplify the look of any dessert. This module covers chocolate tempering, working with OHP sheets, guitar sheets & on the table garnishes. Right from simple discs and tiles, to fans, cake bands & cigars with an opportunity to practice & perfect each style, with several demonstrations & ideas on how to make your own garnishes.

Petit Gâteaux

In this module students create around 15 petit gâteaux (or small cakes) with unique modern techniques – a set of magnificent desserts that could easily be used to put in a shop display. We’ll cover an introduction to types of mousses, construction of petit gâteaux with various flavour profiles & elements, glazes & garnishes, from classics to modern-takes on desserts.