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Artisanal Bread and Crafted Doughs

Core modules for theory, baking, decoration and management.

Lavonne’s Bakers Program is laser-focused on providing students with an extensive understanding of breads and dough making with hands-on training in everything from traditional techniques to highly evolved culinary artistry.

This intensive program covers key aspects of bread making with a keen emphasis on ingredients and methods. By the end of this program, students will be experts in the art of artisanal breads and crafted dough.

Basics of Baking

Students will be introduced to the world of wheat, literally the building block of bread. Through a visit to a flour mill, they will learn everything about the meticulous milling process and are then introduced to the key ingredients used in bread making. This module offers an inclusive classroom experience that equips students with invaluable skills and knowledge in the basics of baking.

Introduction to the Art of Bread Baking

Explore the essential elements of bread making as we go deeper into the world of bread-making ingredients. Gain an in-depth understanding of the cornerstone ingredients that form the foundation of bread. Understand the intricacies of the dough-making process and common kitchen practices. This module will introduce you to the basic, everyday bread that is a staple in most homes. Additionally, students will learn various techniques for working with different doughs and crafting various shapes.

Enriched Bread

Next, students will learn all about enriched doughs and their various uses. Master practical demonstrations of the techniques of working with enriched doughs. Additionally, they will develop a strong foundation in key kitchen practices and a comprehensive understanding of bread-making ingredients.

Shortcrust, Pastry & Savoury Bakes

This module is centred on the methods for making shortcrust pastry. Students will practise preparation and storage for crafting both classic and contemporary tarts and quiches. The curriculum will also include an introduction to savoury fillings, like royal custard, béchamel sauce, pesto sauce, and more.

Fermented Lean Bread

Students will be introduced to pre-ferments and will learn techniques for working with high-hydration doughs. The course will also include an introduction to bread making using a Kush cloth.

Baking is both an art and a science, Lavonne Academy pairs hands-on experience for its students, with thorough theory and understanding.

World Bread

This module will make students foray into the vast world of international bread, gaining an understanding of diverse culinary traditions. Students will also learn different shaping and finishing techniques for bread, scones and cornbread.

Puff Pastry & Batters

Puff pastries need no introduction. This detailed module on methods of making puff pastry with traditional and hands-on lamination techniques using a dough making butter slab is an interesting and immersive one. From classical to modern shapes and puff variations, students will be taught how to use a dough sheeting machine, methods of making choux pastry and understanding how choux paste and liquid batter’s work.

Viennoiserie - Yeast Laminated Dough

Learn the process of making delicious Viennese dough with high-fat content. Students will also be instructed on laminating enriched yeasted dough using traditional methods, understanding the operation of a dough sheeting machine, and crafting both classical and modern shapes/variations. This module aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of working principles with yeast-laminated doughs.

Special Dietary Bread

An absolute must-have in every baker's skill bank, a comprehensive introduction to various gluten-free flours commonly used in bread making is the star of this show. The curriculum goes deep into detailed theoretical knowledge about egg replacements for each specific recipe and their functionality. Additionally, students will learn about the use of special dietary ingredients tailored for bread making.

Indian Bread

The quintessential comfort food! Gain an introduction to the various bread cultures around the world and explore different baking techniques, including the art of making Indian bread. This module will also highlight the rich cultural food diversity among different states, offering a comprehensive understanding of India’s culinary tapestry.

Sourdough and Advanced International Bread

A module dedicated to sourdough, along with a comprehensive theoretical understanding of how to make, store, feed, hydrate and dehydrate levain. The module will also cover advanced international bread-making techniques and modern finishing methods.

Bread Showpiece

The final and most creative module in this program. Learn the theory behind the workings of a bread showpiece, including the concepts of dead dough and the construction of such pieces. Additionally, students will understand the techniques involved in assembling a bread showpiece to make sure it’s one for the books.